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  • Durable cotton or cotton/poly blend twill fabric.
  • Adjustable waists with alterable side seams, hooks and multiple bars, or waist tie.
  • Supportive steel boning in farthingale, panniers, and bustle.
  • A range of period shapes designed to be worn with our petticoats and corsets.

Visit The Salon to view ensembles of our products; send us your fabric for a customized look.

All items made in Seattle, WA, USA.
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 17th c. Bum Roll  17th c. Bum Roll

This pad bolsters the hips creating a 17th century silhouette.

 Cone Farthingale  Cone Farthingale

The Cone Farthingale, also known as a Spanish Farthingale, is designed for sixteenth century style court dress.

 Pocket Hoop Pannier  Pocket Hoop Pannier

The Pocket Hoop Pannier creates the silhouette popular in the second half of the 18th century.

 Full Pannier  Full Pannier

The Full Pannier creates the formal silhouette worn throughout the 18th century.

 Mid-19th Century Hoop  Mid-19th Century Hoop

The Mid-19th Century Hoop is made with four sprung steel hoops.

 19th Century Bustle  19th Century Bustle

The Late 19th Century Bustle creates the prominent silhouette of the 1870's and 1880's.

 19th Century Bustle Pad  19th Century Bustle Pad

This pad creates the small bustle shape of the late 19th century.

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