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  • Center back laced grommet opening.
  • Lightweight and supportive 1/4" steel bones in most style.
  • Large, X-Large, 2X-L sizes and select style have up to 1/2" steel bones for added support.
  • Corded edges with center front drawstring to shape over bosom, and center back underlap placket (except Lilly c. 1900).
  • Five sizes with 1" side seam allowances for easy alterations within each size.
  • Available in single layer 100% cotton coutil for low-cost maintenance, or a viscose/cotton blend cotton-backed satin in a range of colors--see listings under each item.
  • Custom options available including flat-lining to your fashion fabric, trim, center front busk, and garters--see listings under each item.


Visit The Salon to view ensembles of our products; send us your fabric for a customized look.

All items made in Seattle, WA, USA.
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 c. 1560 Anna Corset  c. 1560 Anna Corset
The Anna is cut to enhance the square-necklines of Tudor and early Elizabethan period dresses.
 $297.00  $248.80 
 c. 1660 Kristina Corset  c. 1660 Kristina Corset
The Kristina is rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" steel bones.
 $487.00  $396.00 
 c. 1725 Louisa Corset  c. 1725 Louisa Corset
The Louisa creates a shapely, triangular form of the early 18th century.
 $487.00  $368.80 
 c. 1770 Judith Corset  c. 1770 Judith Corset
The Judith achieves the conical shape required in this period.
 $422.00  $337.60 
 c. 1790 Marie Corset  c. 1790 Marie Corset
The Marie is designed to be worn with the “Round Gowns” of the late eighteenth-century.
 $447.00  $368.80 
 18th c. Marie Antoinette  18th c. Marie Antoinette
The Marie Antoinette comes both front lacing or flat front, rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" bones.
 $497.00  $396.00 
 c. 1805 Patricia Corset  c. 1805 Patricia Corset
With the waist high under the bust, the Patricia shapes the body with gussets at the top.
 $373.00  $308.00 
 c. 1835 Ada Corset  c. 1835 Ada Corset
The Ada shapes the lower body with full rounded gussets over the hips.
 $373.00  $306.40 
 c. 1860 Julia Corset  c. 1860 Julia Corset
The Julia is a classic 19th century hourglass shape.
 $293.00  $234.40 
 c.1880 Alice Corset  c.1880 Alice Corset
The Alice is designed to be worn with the long, close-fitting cuirasse bodices of the 1880s.
 $437.00  $351.20 
 c.1890 Theodora Corset  c.1890 Theodora Corset
The Theodora is cut to emphasize the waist and the hips.
 $317.00  $256.80 
 c.1900 Lilly Corset  c.1900 Lilly Corset
The Lilly recreates a corset shape popular from the 1870s to the turn of the 19th century.
 $307.00  $247.20 
 c.1905 Mae Corset  c.1905 Mae Corset
The Mae enhances the s-curve shape of this period.
 $317.00  $252.00 
 c.1912 Edith Corset  c.1912 Edith Corset
The Edith is cut in the under-bust style and extends to cover the hips.
 $497.00  $396.00 
 c.1950 Stevie Corset  c.1950 Stevie Corset
The Stevie is constructed with the conical bust cups of the mid-twentienth century.
 $363.00  $290.40 
 Madonna Corset  Madonna Corset
Madonna wears a custom lavender silk corset for her "Sorry" video.
 $317.00  $253.60 
 Book: Draping Period Costumes  Book: Draping Period Costumes
Drape over Period Corsets® garments in this step by step guide. Use Period Corsets® as the underwear and this book to create the outerwear.
 $35.00  $29.99 
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