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  • Center back laced grommet opening.
  • Lightweight and supportive 1/4" steel bones in most style.
  • Large, X-Large, 2X-L sizes and select style have up to 1/2" steel bones for added support.
  • Corded edges with center front drawstring to shape over bosom, and center back underlap placket (except Lilly c. 1900).
  • Five sizes with 1" side seam allowances for easy alterations within each size.
  • Available in single layer 100% cotton coutil for low-cost maintenance, or a viscose/cotton blend cotton-backed satin in a range of colors--see listings under each item.
  • Custom options available including flat-lining to your fashion fabric, trim, center front busk, and garters--see listings under each item.


Visit The Salon to view ensembles of our products; send us your fabric for a customized look.

All items made in Seattle, WA, USA.
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 Corset Rentals  Corset Rentals
Corset Rentals for theatre, university, and film
 c. 1560 Anna Corset  c. 1560 Anna Corset
The Anna is cut to enhance the square-necklines of Tudor and early Elizabethan period dresses.
 c. 1660 Kristina Corset  c. 1660 Kristina Corset
The Kristina is rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" steel bones.
 c. 1725 Louisa Corset  c. 1725 Louisa Corset
The Louisa creates a shapely, triangular form of the early 18th century.
 c. 1770 Judith Corset  c. 1770 Judith Corset
The Judith achieves the conical shape required in this period.
 c. 1790 Marie Corset  c. 1790 Marie Corset
The Marie is designed to be worn with the “Round Gowns” of the late eighteenth-century.
 c. 1805 Patricia Corset  c. 1805 Patricia Corset
With the waist high under the bust, the Patricia shapes the body with gussets at the top.
 18th c. Marie Antoinette  18th c. Marie Antoinette
The Marie Antoinette comes both front lacing or flat front, rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" bones.
 c. 1835 Ada Corset  c. 1835 Ada Corset
The Ada shapes the lower body with full rounded gussets over the hips.
 c. 1860 Julia Corset  c. 1860 Julia Corset
The Julia is a classic 19th century hourglass shape.
 c.1880 Alice Corset  c.1880 Alice Corset
The Alice is designed to be worn with the long, close-fitting cuirasse bodices of the 1880s.
 c.1890 Theodora Corset  c.1890 Theodora Corset
The Theodora is cut to emphasize the waist and the hips.
 c.1900 Lilly Corset  c.1900 Lilly Corset
The Lilly recreates a corset shape popular from the 1870s to the turn of the 19th century.
 c.1905 Mae Corset  c.1905 Mae Corset
The Mae enhances the s-curve shape of this period.
 c.1912 Edith Corset  c.1912 Edith Corset
The Edith is cut in the under-bust style and extends to cover the hips.
 c.1950 Stevie Corset  c.1950 Stevie Corset
The Stevie is constructed with the conical bust cups of the mid-twentienth century.
 Madonna Corset  Madonna Corset
Madonna wears a custom lavender silk corset for her "Sorry" video.
 Book: Draping Period Costumes  Book: Draping Period Costumes
Drape over Period Corsets® garments in this step by step guide. Use Period Corsets® as the underwear and this book to create the outerwear.
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